Join HTP

Looking to join Honorable Third Party?

Who we are:
Small Gang Specialists. We are here to PVP, pure and simple.

What we offer:

  • Solid Communication
    • In Game Channels, Teamspeak Server, and Slack, to name several.
  • Alliance Funded Ops
    • We take the tears and loot of our enemies to fund whatever the alliance would like to do, from WH evictions,freighter ganking and  HVT hunting, you name it. Got a sweet idea for an op? Suggest it, plan it, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Daily Fleets
    • There is near enough always a standing fleet that is actively shooting something but no CTAs or participation requirements. All are members are encouraged to be content creators.  
  • Competent FCs
    • We won’t whelp unless we really, really, really want to. Learn and grow from some of the best small gang content creators currently in game.
  • Fun
    • This is a game. We do fun things. Be active on comms. Make friends to play actual fun games with too.

What we don’t offer:

  • PvE
    • Seriously we don’t do it. You are more than welcome to have alts that do PvE and you may even find another alliance mate to do it with you.
  • Kind Words
    • If you make a mistake you will be called out for it. If it’s a big mistake, we will probably make fun of you and your mother for the next week. We want you to be better pilot after mistakes.
  • F1 Monkey Sanctuary
    • You will be expected to actually know how to fly your ship. There is no “hit approach and f1” fleet in our alliance. This goes for content as well. We work hard to provide content but we can’t always be on all the time. We expect pilots to be proactive and not just want content spoon-fed to them.

What we want:

  • Content Creators
    • You don’t have to be an experienced FC to create content.  Do not complain about a lack of content, create some.  
  • Active Participation
    • Active Killboard and Actively Communicating
  • Timezones
    • Currently looking for EU and some US timezones. Got a mix? Cool! If you’re AU timezone, expect kangaroo jokes.
  • Culture
    • Groups that can assimilate into HTP and add their memes to ours. The Alliance is one group, not several groups. While we may have some sarcastic corporation pride, the alliance always comes first.
  • No Drama
    • While we certainly have passionate debates, we always settle it and blow up some nerds later as best buds.

How to Apply:

  • Join the In-Game Channel: Honorable Third Party. Someone in there will be able to point you in the right place.
  • Submit ESI authorization for all characters here
  • Fill out the following form: