Month: April 2016

Md’s PVP Compilation #1

One of HTP’s veteran pilots, Md5oogle, has finally started to record some of his fights. This is a promising to start to hopefully more videos by him in the future!

Are you ready for Citadel?

Lots of capsuleers have been thinking about the possibilities that the new citadel expansion will bring to New Eden. Are you ready? If you haven’t seen the new trailer for EVE: Citadel, check it out below!

HTP’s Hero Haulers

HTP’s bringing the battle nereus back. The first clip is a single nereus vs. a tengu and the second clip is triple nereuses taking on some svipuls + logi. We’ll be at it for a while so stay tuned for more hilarity.


The Art of Poor

In case you missed John’s videos on sustainable PVP. We give you the Art of Poor. Be sure to check out part I and II. And if you want even more information on the subject, John also did a lecture for E-UNI. Enjoy.