Month: April 2015

Chillin’ in my Mega

A station camp was set up in Y-MPL. A Megathron piloted by Vin Vao undocked and was engaged. Not burdened by an overabundance of schooling, Vin unleashed the full force of t1 medium guns into the Vexor Navy Issue. He was promptly killed.

Megathron Kill

This gansta by day / fake spaceship builder by night, arrived in Esa and docked up where we keep a few ships.Despite the lack of oxygen getting to his brain, he managed to come up with the idea that we were now camping him inside the station. Working himself into a rage that would terrify his kindergarten teacher, he joined our comms to let us know what we are in for. Enjoy.

In case you were wondering what others thought of this pilot, here is the reddit post.

Getting Some HED-GP

Just a nice relaxing night in HED-GP. Killed some Horde. CVA brought vexors in later but were scared off by Collapsed Out (PL) showing off their caps. We get into some shenanigans later with an Orca so stay tuned for that video coming later this week.

Breaking the Camp

Spectre Fleet set up a gate camp and were shooting us for 5 minutes. As soon as we engage, they run away. We love Spectre Fleet but this latest FC, Lastgunslinger Tull isn’t doing them justice.

Tuesday Night Triumph

Late Tuesday night, the intrepid warriors of the Honorable Third Party were enforcing our trade embargoes in the occupied territory of the Y-MPWL — SI-I89 pipe. Our boys spotted a Hurricane in Kari on the Y-MPWL gate, the tariff squad prepared to welcome the traveler. After attempting to hold their cloak, Celix Rhonx in the Hurricane met their fate neuted, webbed, scrammed, and exploded.


After inspecting the killmail, yours truly observed the following:

“Oh hey! There’s an EMP M blueprint original in the wreck. He wanted to make his own ammo in Providence because he’s a strong black woman who don’t need no hisec ammo.”

After much laughter, we observed the pilot’s mugshot.


Pathetic Paladin + Loser Lachesis

Pathetic Paladin

While we were gearing up for a scuffle with a bunch of losers (READ: a The Volition Cult fleet), Alliance hero tackler Battiatus Varo observed on comms:

“There’s a Paladin on the D61A-G gate in Y-MPWL…”
The fleet responded unanimously, “SCRAMBLE IT!!!”
After two bastion cycles, the poor bastard finally went down due to a combination of good dps and capacitor pressure from our fleet’s Curse.


Loser Lachesis

After our boys dunked the Paladin, an unsuspecting Volition Cult Lachesis jumped into the gate we were sitting on.